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9 Dishes to Serve at Your Election Night Party That Aren’t Costco Pinwheels

Primary Election Day was Tuesday, August 1st and I was reminded how much I love a good election night party, especially one with really good food.

Campaign events can be unique and unpredictable, but they typically follow the same formula of providing food and drinks, showcasing something of interest like speakers, entertainment, etc., and asking for your support. I mean, the way to a voter’s heart is through their stomach, right? 

We’ve certainly followed this formula for much of American political history.

I would challenge you to put your own twist on this age-old formula to create a unique and memorable event. The easiest way to differentiate your Election Night Party is to serve some bomb food. Even The Stranger starts paying attention when you bring out the good stuff.

Heaven knows how easy, quick, and affordable it is to send a volunteer to Costco and pick up a tray of pinwheels. We’ve all done it. But here are 9 easy dishes you can serve at your election night party that leave a lasting impression:

1. Sushi

For those that really can’t let the pinwheel go, grab some veggie and cooked sushi rolls to serve to guests! Hit up your local Asian grocery or call your fave sushi restaurant and order a party tray. Pick up some edamame while you’re there, too.

2. Samosas

Homemade or from your local Indian restaurant, these are handheld, delicious, and can be made without many common allergens. To elevate your event even further, consider a catering order with a variety of veggie and meat dishes, and don’t forget the naan and rotis!

3. Empanadas

Similar to samosas, homemade, or from a local restaurant, these are a great option to give your guests an easy and delicious snack or meal.

4. Dumplings

Any and all dumplings are amazing and we all agree. Just serve them.

5. Garlic bread

Yes, I’m serious. Order a bunch of garlic bread, cheese bread, and salads from your local Italian restaurant. When was the last time you turned down some garlic bread? That’s what I thought. Add some pizzas if you want more sustenance.

6. Skewered foods

Put your food on a stick!!!! No, this does not include the toothpick through a pinwheel. MOVE ON. Skip the veggie trays that barely anyone touches and opt for caprese, fruit, or charcuterie skewers instead. 

7. Tacos

I don’t need to justify this. You know it’s the right call.

8. Sliders

Pick up some slider buns, hit up your local barbecue joint for some shredded chicken or pork, coleslaw, and mac and cheese. Serve as a build your own slider bar with bbq and hot sauces.

9. Breakfast for dinner 

Would it not be comforting to pick out a mini box of cereal, a tiny carton of milk, toast a bagel, and grab a yogurt to settle in and watch election results roll in?! Prep a big tray of scrambled eggs and breakfast sausages and you have a totally unique-yet-not continental breakfast meal.

Your election night party should deepen your base’s connection to your campaign and celebrate the hard work you have put in over the past several months!

Let’s put a pin in the Costco pinwheels as our go-to campaign event food and spring for something just as filling, just as easy to pick up, and won’t leave your guests thinking “I should have ate before I came.”