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Building A Winning Campaign Management Infrastructure for Seattle Ranked Choice Voting

Resources | Case Study | SEA4RCV

DTC supported Fairvote Washington in passing Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) at the ballot in the largest city in Washington—a major victory in the ongoing fight for a more equitable democracy

FairVote Washington Project:

Pass Seattle for RCV, Yes on 1B in the 2023 General Election

DTC Services: 

Campaign & Project Management

Political Communications Strategy

Narrative Messaging Development

Earned Media Execution


FairVote Washington had just a few weeks to set up an electoral campaign for Ranked Choice Voting in the City of Seattle with multiple partners at different levels of strategy, decision-making, and execution. The campaign needed to make sure that everyone who wanted to be heard was, and that they were also given opportunities to participate in the development of key deliverables (i.e. polling, mailers).


Almost immediately, DTC came in and streamlined the campaign. The firm established a clear and operationalized campaign plan that included concrete decision-making structures, roles, and responsibilities. Every meeting had a distinct purpose—ensuring the right people were they needed to be, providing methods for feedback.

In addition to producing the strategic messaging, DTC played a crucial role in advancing the campaign narrative—prepping messengers for debates, press, interviews and editorial boards as well as shepherding op-eds from an idea to draft to published in an optimal outlet.


Despite a complex two-part ballot, the campaign secured a major victory with 51% voting ”Yes” on changing our electoral system and 76% voted in favor of Proposition 1B (RCV). FairVote WA was able to run a fully-operational, robust campaign with positive earned media and over a dozen satisfied partners

Outcomes were terrific. The project management was very valuable. People knew what was happening. I fielded way fewer angry phone calls. Before, every day on the campaign was jumping off the cliff, but once DTC started running the meetings, they became a safety net. I didn’t have to know everything. I just had to do my job. And that was a huge relief.

—Stephanie Houghton,
FairVote WA Deputy Director