Resources | Case Study | WA CAN

More Than Just Capacity, Infrastructure That Works

Resources | Case Study | WA CAN

DTC supported Washington CAN with organizational communications and political strategy, filling staff capacity and building an infrastructure that a new hire could leverage right away

Washington CAN Projects:
  • Interim Communications
  • Staff Training
  • Political Strategy
DTC Services:
  • Political Strategy
  • Communications Infrastructure
  • Communications Staff Training
  • Narrative Messaging Development
  • Earned Media Execution
  • Project Management


With over 50 years of advocacy history across several issue areas, Washington CAN suddenly found themselves without communications staff. In addition to immediate capacity ahead of an election cycle and legislative session, WA CAN needed a cohesive strategic narrative that aligned its history of healthcare advocacy with newly prioritized issues brought forth from members


DTC and Washington CAN partnered to create tangible, usable strategic communications materials. With a narrative messaging guide, political strategy memo, several op-eds, social media kits, and other assets, we helped craft and advance a coherent narrative about an evolving organization that always puts members first.

Additionally, DTC offered staff trainings and office hours to existing and newly-onboarded staff on the full suite of communications delivery—avoided the typical learning-by-fire and empowering their staff to succeed.


Washington CAN now has a strong, foundational communications infrastructure to support and train current and incoming staff to further the organization’s story and equip them with operational tools. In addition to helping pass key legislative priorities, everyone in the organization— from operations director to organizers—knows how to amplify Washington CAN’s narrative and have begun applying in their day-to-day execution.

Your hands were doing the work instead of telling us what to do. We didn’t just get through the hump of needing communications capacity right now. [With DTC,] we got a permanent infrastructure, with a training materials for the new hire and our whole current team. We have templates for social media kits and press releases. At the end of the day, we got the person we wanted, feeling supported with room to grow.

—Mary Le Nguyen
WA CAN Executive Director