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First-Time Candidate Checklist

It’s May. The lilacs are blooming and that means one thing for candidates in Washington state: the filing deadline is approaching! If you’re running for office this year, we’ve put together a checklist to help you think through your next steps.

You’re running for office (we hope) because you care about a particular issue, community, or solution to a big problem. You have a vision. Now you need the campaign to match that vision and get you elected. That’s where this list comes in. It isn’t a plan and isn’t comprehensive. We hope, however, that it’s a good starting point for thinking about how to build a successful campaign and bring on the capacity you need.

We’re here to help. At DTC, we believe your consultants should help you work smarter, ask better questions, and consistently return to the reasons you’re running and the people and issues that motivate you.

Don’t hire a consultant because they tell you things you don’t know; hire them because they’ll actually build a campaign that reflects your values and keep you grounded in the reasons you decided to run in the first place.

We hope this list helps you to imagine your run for office—this year or in the future. And if you need a consultant, drop us a line.