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Passing Landmark Legislation With Futurewise

Resources | Case Study | Futurewise

DTC provided Futurewise immediate communications capacity for a winning legislative campaign that passed historic bills including Missing Middle Housing. DTC quickly filled staff shortages, building on the momentum of a strong comprehensive political strategy.

Futurewise Project:

Pass three major bills For Our Future legislative campaign:

Missing Middle Housing (HB 1110 & SB 5910)

Growth Management Act (HB 1181 & SB 5203)

Transit- Oriented Development (SB 5466)

DTC Services: 

Political Communications Strategy

Narrative Messaging Development

Digital and earned Media

Project Management


With their For Our Future
legislative campaign,
Futurewise aimed to pass three major land use
bills in a legislature reticent to pass any housing measures—all while
experiencing a sudden capacity shortage. In a historically over-demanding time
period for an under-capacity team,
Futurewise needed coherent messaging to
persuade with
electeds and the general public as well as
capacity to execute on day-to-day communications.


Right away, DTC stepped in to create tangible, strategic communications materials as well as a real plan for the duration of legislative session that ensured everyone—from the organizing team to the lobbyist—had a solid understanding of roles and responsibilities for successful execution. In addition to producing communications materials like op-eds and one-pagers, DTC played a key role in developing political strategy. DTC understands the political landscape and actors, providing insight and counsel on negotiating high-leverage moments. To ensure how Futurewise got the credit for the behind-the scenes work, DTC also planned and executed a victory lap including an oral history produced by The Urbanist podcast.


Futurewise passed one of the biggest housing reforms in decades in Missing Middle Housing, while solidifying their role as leaders in the housing advocacy space. Along the way, DTC-produced deliverables that not only secured wins this session but helped lay the foundation for future campaigns and legislative sessions.

Because legislative session is so formulaic, it lends itself to being well-prepared to hit critical beats. DTC understands this and showed up to help us not only optimize those milestones, but account for the inevitable unexpected moments we would have otherwise had to MacGyver.”

—Kate Brunette,
Futurewise Director of External Affairs